Info about the Camp

Water Forest Justice Camp from 8-12 May at the Festwiese in Grünheide

More and more groups are joining the protest against Tesla – from Brandenburg, Berlin and across Germany. At the camp we want to come together, network with each other and jointly oppose the Tesla expansion.

To get a rough idea of how many people will come to the camp and how many sleeping places we need, it would be great if you could fill out the registration form for yourself or your group. This is completely anonymous and will help us with the planning. Of course you can also come to the camp if you have not registered in advance! You can find more information about the camp in our Camp ABC. We are also happy if you would like to support us!

  • Before you arrive, please check the information channels again to see whether the location has changed.

Registration Form

This registration form helps us to estimate how much tent space we need to provide. It is completely anonymous and not obligatory. You are also welcome to come to the camp if you have not registered.

    Yes, I/we would like to sleep at the camp.Yes, I/we would like to be offered a place to sleep via the bed exchange*.No

    *Go to bed exchange.

    Camp ABC


    We actively try to break down barriers at the camp. If you have any questions about specific situations on site, please send us an email. If these needs are not yet covered by the current planning, we will endeavor to find a solution as quickly as possible through joint communication:

    • There will be barrier-free Dixis
    • There will be a barrier-free washing facility
    • Floor slabs along important infrastructure
    • Barrier-free sleeping tents (please register if required due to limited capacity)
    • enough power to operate technical devices, but it is still unclear how much power is available (if you need more, please let us know in advance)
    • Probable access road to the camp (only a preliminary map is available)
    • There will be designated contact persons on site
    • Buddies can be organized through our help coordination
    • Information material on the topic of ableism in the information tent

    Further measures will be posted here.

    The site plan is not yet known, but a large part of the camp will take place on meadows. We try to lay out the paths with floor tiles, but we cannot cover all the paths. This must be taken into account, especially in wet weather. So far, no refrigerator has been planned for cooling medication. If you need a cooling option, please write to us and we will organize a cooling option. Unfortunately, we cannot give any more specific statements about rest areas etc. at the moment due to the uncertain location planning.

    Bed Exchange

    From now on there is a bed exchange where sleeping places for the camp period from 8 May – 12 May 24 can be offered, searched for and arranged. Both people, who can offer sleeping places in and around Berlin and people who are looking for sleeping places can do so via the bed exchange.

    For all those who cannot or do not want to sleep at the camp, we can arrange private sleeping places via the bed exchange. Whether for one night or the entire camp period, every sleeping place enables activists to participate in the System Change Camp and the actions.
    So register now with the bed exchange and place an offer or request at!

    Children / Young People

    Children and young people are very welcome at the camp. There will be childcare available on all days during the workshop times. You can find out when the workshop times are here.


    Please travel without your dog if possible. We have limited space and it is therefore difficult to stay away from dogs. If you would like to come with a dog, please ask again explicitly.


    The camp is funded by donations and camp fees. Camp contributions are collected at the info point. The amount can also be transferred to our fundraising account. The guideline for accommodation and vegan cuisine is 0 to 15 euros per day. The idea is that everyone contributes according to their financial situation. One thing is certain: money should not be a barrier to participation. Every contribution helps us. Thank you very much for your support!

    KIB e.V.
    IBAN: DE67430609671204187003
    purpose of use: Camp Grünheide

    Info Point

    The first place to go when you arrive is the info point. You will probably get all the information you need there. It helps us if you briefly „check in“ so that we can get a feel for whether we need to reschedule because a lot of people are arriving unannounced.

    You can now reach the information point at +491774284796.


    We have found a great kitchen crew who will provide us with three meals a day during the camp period. Meal times will be announced here in advance.
    Tea and coffee will also be provided.
    The kitchen is happy to receive a food donation of 0-15€ per day to cover expenses. These are included in the camp fee (see donations).
    The food is vegan and organic.

    If you would like to support the kitchen, please sign up for chopping shifts.

    Togetherness / Awareness / Retreat

    Discriminatory behavior at the camp will not be tolerated. People will be available at the camp if you are not feeling well for any reason or if you experience or witness discriminatory behaviour.
    We can be reached by phone around the clock at the camp. The number will be displayed at the camp. You will usually find us in the awareness tent during the day.
    There is also an optional retreat area if everything is too lively for you. Contact the Awarenss team or come to the tent.
    We would like to give you three points as a small code of behaviour:
    We do not want to give any space to right-wing ideas and we want everyone to be committed to minimising discrimination.
    We would like camp participants to cover their upper bodies.
    If you ever drink a beer around the campfire, don’t go overboard. And be aware of how people around you feel about it. Even if you smoke, ask whether it is OK for the people around you.

    Morning Kick-off

    On the mornings there will be a kick-off to start the day together. We will look at what exciting things are happening on the day and whether support is still needed somewhere. On Friday morning there will be explicit information about the day of action.

    Packing List

    • Tent
    • Sleeping mat
    • Sleeping bag
    • Clothing for hot days and cool nights
    • Head torch
    • Bathing kit
    • Sun cream
    • Large drinking bottles #stayhydrated
    • Cash for camp donations, pizza and co.
    • swimwear
    • mosquito spray (unfortunately there is quite some mosquitos around the lake)
    • thicker sleeping pad in case the ground is stony

    Other tips:

    Bring your materials (e.g. banners) for the demo with you to the camp. There may not be much time for new works of art in addition to the programme.
    Please bring clothes in which you can sit comfortably and also help with the shifts. If you really fancy doing kitchen shifts, please bring an apron! Don’t forget your things! We have a small kiosk, but it only has the essentials.


    In the camp there is a medic tent and paramedics for medical care. This number is available for paramedics around the clock: +4915213633859


    You will always get the latest and important information at the camp. That’s why it’s important that you come to the plenary session. The welcome plenum takes place on Wednesday evening and the action plenum takes place on Thursday evening. Every morning at 9 a.m. there is a plenary session for life on the camp with all the important information for the day. The participatory plenum will then take place from around 9:30 a.m. The tasks that are necessary for the camp to run well are discussed here.

    On the construction days (Monday to Wednesday), the participatory plenum takes place both in the morning and in the afternoon at around 2:30 p.m. You can find out the current times at the camp information point.

    Political Parties

    Please remember: The camp is a non-party event and not a campaign event for political parties.


    There will be sleeping places at the camp in Grünheide and a bed exchange in Berlin. You can find more at Bed Exchange.


    • Participate: Please enter in this participation tool when you have time, which tasks you would like to take on and which you definitely don’t want to take on, whether you can provide a car, driving license or other potentially useful things. If you would like to support spontaneously or have any questions, please contact the information point: +491774284796
    • Financial resources: Unfortunately, our project also requires financial resources. You can support the camp and the resistance against Tesla with a donation. We are happy about large and small donations! The account details will follow shortly
    • Co-organise on site: We will organise on site as democratically as possible. This also includes jointly supporting the care work. This means that there will be the opportunity to sign up for shifts on site (e.g. chopping vegetables, childcare etc.).
    • Assembly and Disassembly: You can arrive from 5 May to help us set up. We hope to manage the disassembly in 3 days, so we need a lot of support there as well. If possible, please plan this into your schedule!

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