Call to Action

Water Forest Justice

For a transport revolution beyond Tesla

No to Tesla Expansion

The car manufacturer Tesla wants to expand its factory in Grünheide and double production to at least 1 million cars per year. We oppose this because the factory is located in a drinking water protection area in one of the driest regions in Germany and up to another 100 hectares of forest are to be cleared for the expansion. And all this for the construction of electronic luxury SUVs!

Defending Democracy, Fighting for Justice

Over 62 per cent of people in Grünheide voted against the expansion. Tesla, the municipality and the state of Brandenburg are trying to circumvent this clear vote with a cosmetically modified development plan. We will not allow this! We therefore want to send out a signal shortly before the decision on the new development plan and make the local resistance heard with a nationwide weekend of protest!

Water Protection instead of Tesla Pollution

The Tesla factory is located in a drinking water protection area and therefore jeopardises the groundwater through possible pollutant leaks and accidents. Water consumption for residents is limited to 105 litres per person per day. There is no drinking water available for the construction of new schools. We demand water rationing for Tesla, not for local residents!

Healthy Forests for a Healthy Climate

Around 300 hectares of forest have already had to fall for Tesla. The amended development plan now provides for half of the originally planned 100 hectares of forest to be cleared. But this is a cheat! It cannot be ruled out that Tesla will simply cut down the trees later. In times of climate crisis, we need healthy forests. We are in solidarity with the water occupation Tesla Stoppen, which is opposing the deforestation with their bodies and tree houses.

For Global Water Justice

The production of electric cars devours huge quantities of raw materials. These are usually mined under catastrophic ecological and social conditions in the Global South. The protest against Tesla is a protest for global water justice!

For a real Mobility Transition

In addition to all the problems already mentioned, the production and use of electric cars also consumes huge amounts of electricity. Simply switching from combustion to electric cars does not offer a solution to the climate crisis. Instead, we are calling for smart, free local and long-distance public transport in rural and urban areas. The solution is not electric SUVs for the well-off, but car sharing, buses and trains for everyone!

Our Protest stands in Solidarity with the Employees

Our protest is directed against the Tesla management and the German politicians who do everything for their profits. We know that every person who works at Tesla has good reason to do so. We stand in solidarity with the employees and the IG Metall labour union who are fighting to improve working conditions at the plant. We invite all Tesla employees to visit the camp and join the demonstrations.

Come to the Camp and Protest Days from 8 to 12 May 2024 at the Festwiese Grünheide!

We invite all people from the region, Germany and the world to Grünheide.
There will be a varied programme of workshops, lectures and cultural contributions at the camp. It will be a place for coming together and networking. With colourful demonstrations and creative actions.