This concerns all of us! Info event about the fights against Tesla

May 3rd | 6pm | Kiezraum at the Dragonerareal (Mehringdamm, behind the tax office)

❗Tesla wants to expand its factory in Grünheide and double production – we have to stop this ❗

Sometimes we only become aware of a political dispute when it’s already too late. We are moving towards distribution battles for water and renewable energies, the outcome of which we can still shape now. As soon as the additional area in Grünheide is sold to Elon, he can freely manage the site and determine the development of an entire region. That’s why we need all of us now! 🤝

At the information meeting, we will bring everyone up to date and discuss ways in which we can intervene together.

🏡 Stop Tesla forest occupation:
🎪 Camp & Demos Forest.Water.Justice 08.-12.05.:
💥 Action days Disrupt//Tesla 08.-12.05.:

Why do we have to stop Tesla?

💧 The water from the drinking water protection area comes out of the tap in parts of Berlin. Pollution is inevitable and cannot be reversed once the production poisons have seeped into the ground.

🌳 Over 100ha of forest are to go into the hands of Elon Musk and be sealed off.
👷 Even more exploitation of the workers in Grünheide and the regions of raw material extraction.
🚘 A continuation of car-based traffic will create dependencies for decades.
🌐 The enormous demand for lithium creates global dependencies and destroys the livelihoods of people in Argentina, Chile, Congo and elsewhere.