Demonstration in Potsdam

Tesla Stop! Solidarity with the forest occupation in Grünheide Turn off the tap on capitalism.

Tesla wants to expand the factory area in Grünheide by 100 hectares. To achieve this, around 50 more hectares of forest are to be cleared. The Tesla factory was built in the water protection area. An expansion of the factory poses an additional risk to the groundwater. In February, many people occupied part of the affected forest. They are committed to protecting groundwater and against the further clearing of several thousand trees. Politicians reacted to this with threats of eviction, and the police also wanted and want to evacuate the occupied area out of fear that the protests would spread. More and more people are now taking part in the occupation and many more are practically expressing their solidarity. Many neighbors come by and bring donations of cake, materials and tools. The water camp is anything but isolated in the region. Let’s take our solidarity with the forest occupiers to the streets!

Let’s protest in the streets against the lies of green capitalism! Politicians of all stripes are relying on even more industrialization to combat climate change and the destruction of human livelihoods.

An industrialization that causes and has caused great ecological damage here and elsewhere and is destroying our bodies: the alienated work in such factory juggernauts makes you sick and shortens lifespans, especially when it is shift work, as in almost every factory. It is not a positive turning point to continue to rely on the establishment of factories. It is not a positive prospect for the future to continue to rely on individualized car traffic and only modify the type of drive. E-cars do not solve any of the transport policy problems of the last 50 years.

In order to overcome the current global crises, we must fundamentally change the way we want to continue to live together, the way human needs are met, how and what we produce without destroying our natural resources. Let’s stand up for this loudly in the streets!

When: Wednesday 08.05. 4 pm

Where: Alter Markt, Potsdam